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2022 - 2023 Prompt

After reading about Steve's experience in Saving Dr. Warren... "A True Patriot,"

what does patriotism mean to you?


  • Open to all kids ages 11-15

  • Past years' winners are not eligible for following years' submissions


  • Approximately 500-1,000 Words

  • Double-spaced, Times New Roman

  • When submitted electronically it must be a Word Document or PDF

  • Include a cover page with:

    • Full Name​

    • Email Address

    • Grade Level

    • School Name & School Address

    • Name of School Teacher Who Oversaw The Writing Process (This may include parents who homeschool their children)

       *Link to Cover Page Form


  • Must include examples, events and characters from the novel Saving Dr. Warren... "A True Patriot"

  • Must relate patriotism to your personal life (the use of current events is encouraged) 

  • Adherence to guidelines and carefully proofread (good grammar, punctuation, spelling, etc.)

  • Submitted on or before the DEADLINE March 5


  • Steve O'Dell Award ($500)

    • Best Overall Essay

  • Grace Levy Award ($250)

    • Closely Tied To Personal Examples Of Patriotism

  • Lee Warren Award ($100)

    • Closely Tied To Examples of Patriotism From The Stories In The Novel


Good Luck! 


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